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Photographer and administrator of the website. Primary interests include landscape and travel photography as well as the latest tech gadgets.

Modifying Rokinon 8mm lens for a Canon 5D full frame sensor

I’ve read a lot of posts and threads about modifying a Rokinon 8mm T/3.8  lens with attached lens hood to produce a circular fisheye on a full frame camera but coming across good advice is […]

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Taking NIK Software Plugins For A Test Drive

A friend convinced me I should download the trial version of NIK Software’s six plugins.  I had read many positive reviews of some of the plug-ins including Silver EFEX Pro 2 for black and white […]

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VR Pano Setup Checklist, Making Sure You Get the Best Shot

  Today I was working on a project for the La Grange Area Historical Society.  I spent the morning setting up my tripod and VR head.  As I was running through my  setup routine I […]

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QNAP RAID Hard Drive Failure

I’ve been using QNAP NAS devices for probably 6 or 7 years now.  I’m currently on my second QNAP NAS. I upgraded my first device to a TS-219P II  after I ran out of storage. […]

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NIK Collection Review, Great Tools for Fast Results

I’ve been using NIK software for about 3 years as part of my toolbox. I thought it was time to final write up a NIK collection review for anyone considering dropping $149 for the software.  It’s […]

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Writing Good Captions for Instagram

If you are striving to increase your following on Instagram great photos are key.  The second most important point is to make sure you are writing good captions. What Makes up a Good Caption Writing […]

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Changing Your Angle for a Better Christmas Photo of Santa

  From my own childhood I have plenty of deer-in-headlights photos with Santa.  Why is it that at such a great photo moment every parent seems to grab that same photo.  Maybe its just because […]

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Simple Composition: POTD

Sometimes simplicity makes the best photograph.

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Travel Photography: 10 Things to Check Before You Go

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my years of travel photography.  Malcom Gladwell said it best that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert.  While I’m sure I haven’t reached the […]

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5 Tips for Great Photos in a Crowded Tourist Spots

Crowded tourist locations can be the death of a photographer.  Too many people, lots of visual distractions and cheap tacky gift stores can ruin what would have been an outstanding photo.  If you are looking to […]

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