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Photographer and administrator of the website. Primary interests include landscape and travel photography as well as the latest tech gadgets.

Modifying Rokinon 8mm lens for a Canon 5D full frame sensor

I’ve read a lot of posts and threads about modifying a Rokinon 8mm T/3.8  lens with attached lens hood to produce a circular fisheye on a full frame camera but coming across good advice is […]

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Night Life Street Photography

I live a few short blocks from a bustling small town main street.  With all the resturants, a theater, and an outdoor plaza with a fountain there is a lot more going on than one […]

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Traveling Cow from Chicago to Switzerland

  If you ended up her from a tweet then you are part of my  little experiment.  My friend the Swiss cow here seems to have gotten lost in Chicago and I’d like to get […]

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IT Troubleshooting for the Photographer

Last night I found myself in a common and frustrating situation that all photographers face at some point in there journey through post processing.  Software not working well, computers on the glitch, or general tech mahem. […]

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Out Of Order: Lightroom Unable To Process Image

Tonight I bring you nothing.  Tonight is a frustrating night.  Tonight Adobe Lightrooom is unable to process my images. The reality in modern photography is that sometimes we also have to play troubleshooter and tech […]

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Pano2VR Review: Version 4.5

For those looking to find a good solution to creating an embeding 360 degree virtual reality panoramas into a wordpress press site you may find yourself considering Pano2VR.  The Pano2VR application is a great utility […]

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Instagram Upgrades to 1080px

Some exciting news recently for photographers that are on the Instagram platform.  It looks like Instagram has finally upgraded the resolution of pictures shared on their social platform.  Formerly the resolution topped out at 640 […]

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Tips for taking Photos of Fireworks

With the 4th of July just around the corner its a good time to prepare for your weekend BBQ.  It’s also a great time to read up on how to take some stellar photos of […]

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Tips for Photographing That Small Town Parade

    It’s the season for small town parades.  With the Fourth of July just around the corner marching bands and VFW honor guards will be marching down Main Street America showcasing local pride.  If […]

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Photographer Interview: Chris Johnson, RVA’s Visual Historian

  This week we talk with Chris Johnson to ask him how he got started and what is behind his colorful and dynamic photographs of Richmond Virginia. His portfolio is incredible consider his full time “day […]

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