Baden Train Station, Track 2 Timelapse

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Tonight I was working on piecing together and editing some recent images for my short timelapse film of Baden. This segment is one of the first test shots of the train station in Baden Switzerland.  For the first time I slapped a B+W 10 stop ND filter on the front of my lens to give it a go.  I tell you, after viewing the final video the light bulb went on and I now see the importance of really dragging the shutter and getting some motion blur into the still images to create a buttery smooth timelapse.

After seeing how this video came together I think I need to head out and capture a few additional angles from the platforms.  I’ve already got a couple of ideas floating around my head.  I’m thinking a few more wide angles, and then maybe a couple of tights shots of a single track, or train, or door opening.

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve felt any creativity running through my veins.  It’s nice to finally have found something to create a spark of enthusiasm.




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