Baldegg Time-Lapse Project Using LrTimelapse3

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A few years ago I started playing around with time-lapse photography with my Canon 40D, Lightroom, and Quicktime player.  I didn’t do much reading up on how to do it properly, but I was having fun and that’s all that mattered.  With the increase in amazing time-lapse videos out there I started to get more interested in what I could do to improve.  I attended one lecture last fall and learned of a product called LrTimelapse3 that was designed to work closely with Adobe Lightroom.

I downloaded a trial version of LrTimelapse3 recently and it has greatly improved my time-lapse workflow.  It has made it so easy that it got my creative juices flowing again, just at a time when I was search for some inspiration.

The interface is easy to understand, the online tutorials are well produced, and the tool makes building the movie simple while providing plenty of control of the images via editing through Lightroom.  There are a few quirks to the program and editing, for instance you can only use the sliders in Lightroom, but you soon get used to these limitations.

What it has meant for me is that I am spending more time planning my shoot and less time processing.  Once I have my images captured I can crank out a good quality 30 second time-lapse in about 30 minutes.

I still have lots to learn about capturing great time-lapse movies, but now at least I don’t have to worry about spending too much time in front of screen.



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