Canon 5D Mark III In-Camera HDR: Examples from the Field

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A59A6218In-Camera HDR is now a common feature on today’s digital cameras. While the feature can be amazing it is hard to really know what you are going to get with a new camera.

This seemed like a perfect excuse to share some raw unedited examples of HDR images created in-camera with Canon’s 5D Mark III.  I typically use the in-camera HDR to only judge if I have my brackets are set to a level that will produce something useful for later post processing.  Looking back into my Lightroom catalog there were enough in-camera examples that I thought it would be good to share them.  So for those looking for some more real examples here are some extracts from my library from the last year. You’ll have to excuse the wonky horizons, and the funky compositions, this stuff is truly raw.

Gallery of Canon 5D In-Camera HDR Raw Images

If you are looking for more examples of the Canon 5D’s HDR capabilities check out mz comparision of In Camera HDR Settings here.

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  1. By Canon 5D Mark III In Camera HDR Examples on August 5, 2013 at 8:27 pm

    […] If you are looking for further examples of Canon’s HDR capability check out my raw HDR examples from the field taken with Canon’s 5D Mark III. […]

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