Canon 5D Mark III In Camera HDR Examples

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Picture of Baden Switzerland taken with A Canon 5D Mk III

Art Standard Effect

The Canon 5D Mark III is the first in the Canon DSLR range to hit the market with in-camera HDR capabilities. With 5 possible HDR effects and the ability to vary the number of stops between bracketed images the 5D is promising a lot.  But how would it hold up when tested in the field? The only challenge would be to find a scene with the right lighting to take the camera through its paces.

Canon 5D HDR Modes

The Canon 5D mark III offers five different effects to choose from:

  • Natural
  • Art standard
  • Art vivid
  • Art bold
  • Art embossed

In addition to choosing a style the dynamic range call also be adjusted. The dynamic range can be set to Auto, +/-1, +/-2, or +/-3 EV.

For this test the dynamic range was set to +/- 3 EV and the same scene was shot 5 times, once  with each of the 5 different effects.  All 5 shots were taken within 1 minute and fully processed in camera.  Canon’s in camera HDR processing produces a jpg file as an output.  The images provided in the gallery were imported directly into Adobe Lightroom 4.1, and then exported to a reduced size with no additional post processing in  Adobe Lightroom.

Canon 5D HDR Example Gallery

All photographs were take at ISO 320, f11, with a Canon EF17-35mm f2.8 L series lens.

NaturalArt standardArt vividArt boldArt embossed
HDR is a photographic style that is driven by personal taste.  Looking at the results from the 5D’s in camera processing capabilities I  don’t see a single effect mode that I find pleasing.  For me I will stick to Photomatix just because  I have more control of the final outcome.  For someone not comfortable with Photomatix, Photoshop, or any of the other off the self products Canon’s JPGs very well may fit the bill in a pinch.

If you are looking for further examples of Canon’s HDR capability check out my raw HDR examples from the field taken with Canon’s 5D Mark III.

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