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Taking NIK Software Plugins For A Test Drive

A friend convinced me I should download the trial version of NIK Software’s six plugins.  I had read many positive reviews of some of the plug-ins including Silver EFEX Pro 2 for black and white […]

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IT Troubleshooting for the Photographer

Last night I found myself in a common and frustrating situation that all photographers face at some point in there journey through post processing.  Software not working well, computers on the glitch, or general tech mahem. […]

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Pano2VR Review: Version 4.5

For those looking to find a good solution to creating an embeding 360 degree virtual reality panoramas into a wordpress press site you may find yourself considering Pano2VR.  The Pano2VR application is a great utility […]

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Lightroom 6 Instagram Export Presets

With the release of Adobe Lightroom 6 in April of 2015 it is time to provide an updated set of free Lightroom 6 export presets for Instagram. These presets are great for any photographer working […]

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Lightroom Twitter Export Presets

Here is another set of free Adobe Lightroom 5 export presets I put together to help you manage your twitter image workflow.  Each of the included Lightroom Twitter export presets will automatically size your exported images […]

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Crashplan Review for Backup of Photographs

When I first started in digitial photography back around 2002, ensuring that my photos were safe was more of a practice of faith.  Once in awhile I would pray to the hard drive gods for […]

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Lightroom 5 Facebook Export Presets

  As a follow up to my previous post on Lightroom 5 export presets for images optimized for Instagram here is a set of presets to speed up your Facebook workflow. Download the posted zip […]

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Keyboard Shortcut for Changing Lightroom 5 Crop Orientation

A quick tip today on changing Lightroom crop orientation.  Sometimes when I am in the develop module I find myself wanting to quickly change my 2×3 crop from landscape to portrait orientation.  The best way […]

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Nightfall: 12 Hour Time-Lapse of the Baden Clock Tower

Here is a recent weekend project of the clock tower in Baden, Switzerland. I started off with the intention of just shooting a couple of hours of images just prior to sunset, then I noticed […]

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Baldegg Time-Lapse Project Using LrTimelapse3

A few years ago I started playing around with time-lapse photography with my Canon 40D, Lightroom, and Quicktime player.  I didn’t do much reading up on how to do it properly, but I was having […]

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