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Taking NIK Software Plugins For A Test Drive

A friend convinced me I should download the trial version of NIK Software’s six plugins.  I had read many positive reviews of some of the plug-ins including Silver EFEX Pro 2 for black and white […]

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Pano2VR Version 5 Review, Quick VR Solution

Pano2VR version 5.0 was released in February 2016. The latest version provides a fresh new interface that simplifies the process of creating great immersive content. After about 6 weeks of use I wanted to share […]

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NIK Collection Review, Great Tools for Fast Results

I’ve been using NIK software for about 3 years as part of my toolbox. I thought it was time to final write up a NIK collection review for anyone considering dropping $149 for the software.  It’s […]

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Pano2VR Review: Version 4.5

For those looking to find a good solution to creating an embeding 360 degree virtual reality panoramas into a wordpress press site you may find yourself considering Pano2VR.  The Pano2VR application is a great utility […]

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Wet Plate Photo Example: Nik Collection Analog Efex Pro

Google’s Nik Collection just expanded with the recent addition of Analog Efex Pro.  The new tool is designed to create some classic camera and vintage film effects  to your modern images. I have always been […]

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Helios Sun Calculator App

I was looking for something in the iTunes store to address two needs I have for an upcoming photo trip. I want something that will provide me sunrise and sunset information and I also want […]

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