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Working on a Timelapse Short Film of Baden, Switzerland

  Yesterday afternoon was a great day to spend around Baden capturing some image sequences for an time-lapse project I am working on.  I am planning to produce a short film of both traditional time-lapse […]

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Nightfall: 12 Hour Time-Lapse of the Baden Clock Tower

Here is a recent weekend project of the clock tower in Baden, Switzerland. I started off with the intention of just shooting a couple of hours of images just prior to sunset, then I noticed […]

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Time-lapse: Time To Invest in a 10 Stop ND Filter

I’ve been reading some more on time-lapse photography lately after playing with the trial version of LRTimelapse3. I was reading through Gunther Wegner’s e-book on timelapse and he was mentioning a good 10 stop filter […]

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Lensbaby Photo Walk in Baden

  I found an excuse to dust off my old Canon 40D.  With a bit of rain in the forecast I didn’t want to take out my good camera but I wanted an excuse to […]

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Sports Photography Tips: Freerunning and Parkour

I really enjoy sports photography.  I think that is because so much of it is about timing and capturing the moment and just the right split second.  The anticipation and the great feeling of success […]

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Post Processing on an Image from Cordoba Spain

Post processing of an image doesn’t have to be drastic.  Sometimes just a little bit of help is all an image needs to go from okay to great.  This image is a great example where […]

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Instagram Workflow For DSLR Photographers: PC to Android Tablet to Instagram

Instagram has proven to be an exceptional tool to increase the exposure of your work as a photographer. When I started with Instagram I was faced withthe question of what style and approach I wanted […]

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Sharpening Your Images Makes Such A Difference

I never realized what I was really missing out on when I didn’t pay much attention to sharpening my digital images for the screen.  Sharpening can mean the difference between a a nice photo, and […]

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5 Tips to Improve Your Photography

While I could make a list of a million ideas I’ll stick to 5 tips for beginners looking to improve there photography

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Time-lapse On A Cloudy Day

The weather was looking interesting for a time-lapse session this weekend.  I pulled out my DIY weatherproof housing and setup for a session.  The resulting video was built from a series of images taken at […]

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