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Modifying Rokinon 8mm lens for a Canon 5D full frame sensor

I’ve read a lot of posts and threads about modifying a Rokinon 8mm T/3.8  lens with attached lens hood to produce a circular fisheye on a full frame camera but coming across good advice is […]

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New Creative Outlet, Stainedglass

  I hate to admit me, but I had been losing my creative juices over the last couple of months.  Somehow I just haven’t been feeling inspired to pick up my camera.  This isn’t the […]

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Travel & Landscape Photography Exhibit at the La Grange Public Library

I’m excited to be able to invite you to stop by the La Grange Public Library for my latest photography exhibition.   You’ll find 12 of my works on display on the lower level.  The […]

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The Cooper House in La Grange with Google Cardboard

Tonight I was plazing around with Pano2VR to try to figure out how to setup an a Google Cardboard VR view.  I used an old Stereoscopic viewer I had in my livingroom and threw my Samsung phone […]

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Night Life Street Photography

I live a few short blocks from a bustling small town main street.  With all the resturants, a theater, and an outdoor plaza with a fountain there is a lot more going on than one […]

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Photographs Featured in CNN’s Insider Guide to Zurich

Today CNN published it’s Insider’s Guide for Zurich.  I am excited to have a couple of my photographs featured in the article.  I was lucky enough to know the writer of course, and she needed […]

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Working on a Timelapse Short Film of Baden, Switzerland

  Yesterday afternoon was a great day to spend around Baden capturing some image sequences for an time-lapse project I am working on.  I am planning to produce a short film of both traditional time-lapse […]

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Lensbaby Photo Walk in Baden

  I found an excuse to dust off my old Canon 40D.  With a bit of rain in the forecast I didn’t want to take out my good camera but I wanted an excuse to […]

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Printing Your Digital Photographs To Decorate Your Home

As a photographer I feel like I spend too much time enjoying my work on a screen.  What ever happened to viewing your work on a wall, printed, in a physical form. I’ll go out […]

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Photography Project: Architecture of Baden’s Doors

Architecture has been on the top of my creative list lately.  Doors seem to have caught my eye, and over the past few months I have been capturing the most intriguing doors from my travels. […]

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