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Photography Project to Capture Family Heirlooms Through a Viewfinder Camera

  This project evolved from a thought to document a few family heirlooms through the lens of a Kodak Duaflex IV camera I had recently picked up at a local antique mall. The concept was inspired by […]

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First Photograph Published for The Wall Street Journal

Some times it pays to work with well connecte and talented creatives.  It is even better when that person is your wife. I was trilled to have my first image published on the web pages […]

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Adjusting Saturation and Shadows: Before and After

Some times just a few minor tweaks to a raw image are all that are needed to make an image come to life.  This image is a perfect example.  With just a few tweaks in […]

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Playing Around With Logos Today

  It is the first of the year and a perfect time to publish a New Years Resolution.  My resolution is to improve my personal branding.  One thing I have been talking about for ages […]

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How To Look Like A Professional Photographer

This was a good laugh. Some great tips on how to look the part of a professional photographer. Kudos for Digital Rev for putting together this hilarious piece on the do’s and don’ts.

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Apple Trees and Rapeseed Fields near Baden

As I am waiting for some of my applications to churn away and render some video I was browsing through my catalog of photos from earlier this spring and came across this image.  I was […]

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Walk along the Bade promenade. #Baden

Walk along the Bade promenade. #Baden : via Instagram

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Printing Your Digital Photographs To Decorate Your Home

As a photographer I feel like I spend too much time enjoying my work on a screen.  What ever happened to viewing your work on a wall, printed, in a physical form. I’ll go out […]

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Sports Photography Tips: Freerunning and Parkour

I really enjoy sports photography.  I think that is because so much of it is about timing and capturing the moment and just the right split second.  The anticipation and the great feeling of success […]

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La Pedrera, Barcelona

  I was in Barcelona recently and managed to escape the hotel long enough during a lunch break from my seminar to grab a couple of quick photographs of La Pedrera.  Mediterranean noon time sun […]

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