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Swiss Traditions

Swiss traditions have been in the making since 1291 when the first alliance of the Swiss states.  Tradition and local cultural remain strong and important in Swiss daily life.  Photographing the customs of the locals is one advantage of being a photographer in Switzerland.

In the Swiss traditions photo gallery you will find images of farmers bringing their cows down from the mountains. You’ll glimpse at the Swiss sport of Schwingen, a local form of wrestling.  Finally you’ll see fireworks over an old castle to celebrate the Swiss National Day celebrated on the first of August.

Travel Photography

in the travel photography gallery you will find photos from across Europe.  From Norway to Southern Spain.  Golden sunsets on the English coast to somber evenings on tranquil lakes in eastern Europe.  Capturing the local culture is a key. Getting that shot of  the little things that distinguish the sounds, the taste, and the smells of the destination.

Nature Photography

The Swiss alps, the English coast and everything in between.  The nature photo gallery contains breath taking views of Europe.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of starting an an early morning hike to be greeted by the sight of the Matterhorn covered in a fresh layer of snow.