India Travel Photography



One of the highlights of my trip to India was a sunrise visit to the most famous of places, the Taj Mahal.  The shrine itself is amazing, and the detailed stone work is something that I have never seen anywhere else.  While the views were as breathtaking as I had expected what I wasn’t prepared for, was the extreme early morning heat.  I would never had thought that even at 5:00 am in the morning I would be pouring sweat after a short ten minute walk from the car into the gardens.

While I was on my trip I also stopped in a local silk shop.  A travel companion of mine had set his mind to getting a custom tailored silk shirt.  While I love the idea of a custom shirt, I’m not sure silk is the fabric of my choice for a mans shirt.  So instead of getting measured up, I instead struck up a conversation with the vendor and picked out a beautiful silk shawl for my wife.  I sealed the deal by asking if I could also take his portrait as part of the sale.  He kindly agreed and draped himself with some of a silk in front of is shelves of stock.  What a great colorful image.

In this collection you’ll also find images of local street vendors and street scenes.  Wether it is a fruit vendor selling bananas from a wheeled cart, or a crowd of people riding a cart through town.  Most of these images were suprisingly shoot through the windows of a van with a good polaring filter attached to the front of the lens to reduce reflections from the van windows.  It just goes to show you that you can still get a good image through a window if you have the right gear.

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