Swiss Traditions


Traditional Swiss life is easy to come by in the Alps.  For a travel photographer there are several events that should not be missed. Aside from events don’t forget to experience some of the local food and local music.  After living in Switzerland for over 8 years I’ve collected a lot of local knowledge.

Swiss Sports

There are a few sports that should not be missed if you are visiting the country. Schwingen, Hornussen, and Cow Fighting are a few of the more obscure events worthing checking out.

Schwingen is a sport that tends to run from midsummer to early fall.  It is a form of wrestling.  Both contestants were a pair of burlap shorts.  Opponents can only grab each other by the shorts.  The winner is declared when one particpant is held with their shoulder blades on the ground for the count.

Hornussen is a sport that to american eyes looks to be a combination of golf, lacrosse and fly fishing.  The offensive team will hit a small ball about the size of a golf ball off of a tee with what looks like a 6 foot fly rod with a block of wood on the end.  Defensive players are in the field wearing hockey helmuts and must hit the ball out of the air with a shovel before it hits the ground. If the defensive team fails to hit the ball out of the air and the ball falls into the grass the offensive team scores points.  To really undestand it, and see it, check out this great youtube video by SwissInfo.

Cow fighting, well, that is just something you gotta see.  Just imagin two cows going head to head, and the first to back down loses.  You’ll only find cow fighting in Walis and the cows are specially breed for the sport.  Again a video is worth a thousand words.  Check it out here again by SwissInfo.

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