Travel Photography

This collection of travel photography from Europe and Asia includes some of my favorite destinations.  From the Spanish desert to the Shanghai skyline, these are just a few of the places I have had the chance to photograph during my time living in Europe.

After over eight years living in Switzerland I learned the importance of visiting the world and seeing the sights first hand.  While seeing a great photo can evoke emotion, feelings, and even a sense of smell at times nothing can substitute a real walk along the Great Wall, or the first hand experience of a sunrise over the Taj Mahal.

European Travel

Spain is one of my favorite places to travel. The first image is this series is of the desert near Tabernas.  A well known location for filming some of the most famous speghetti westerns.  It is uncanny how closely it resembles the American west.

The image of the boat at the dock was taken during a summer visit to Norway.  A cold but colorful land where the locals explode with engery and excitement during the short but intense summer season.

France, and provence. The endless fields of lavendar that surge across the landscape for a few fleeting weeks of mid-summer right around the time of The Tour.  It is amazing to me that more ‘foreigners’ weren’t around to experience the fields.  Provence being a bit far and out of the way is definately not a typical tourists first stop on a French culture tour, but a worthy visit after some time in Paris.

Traveling Asia

I was lucky enough to have a few extra days after business travel to tour in China and India.  The cultures and attitudes of Asia are far removed from anything I have experienced in the west.  Social pecking orders, saving face, and extreme levels of hospitality and respect for visitors were all eye opening experiences.

I can remember when I was preparing for a 5:00 am trip to the Taj Mahal to see it at Sunrise. My tour guide was telling me that we had no choice but to go at 5:00 because by 8:00 the heat would be unbearable.  We’ll he was right.  I couldn’t believe that rolling out of a taxi at 5:15 in the moring I was almost pouring sweat after 10 minutes of a leasuirely walk.  The humid air and strange smells both tickling my noise.

China is by far one of the most diametricaly opposed places I have ever seen.  There are these amazing glass monoliths in the cities that act as monuments to capitalism while practically just down the run you can visit a local farmer living in a one room house that keeps chickens in a coupe in the living room between the sofa and TV during the evenings.

So what is it that I love about travel?  I love that I have some great stories to tell, some amazing memories, and handful of good photos to remind me of all those far flung places I had the chance to visit.