70th Anniversary of The La Grange Pet Parade

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2016 marked the 70th Anniversary of the La Grange Pet Parade.  To celebrate I decided to take my 8mm lens and my VR tripod head to the parade.  I was glad to be pulling my daugther and my gear to the parade in a wagon. Although there as a a few minutes of light rain the day was great for a parade.

All the Favorites Return

Just like last year all the favorites where there inlcuding the lawn rangers, the Jesse White Tumblers and the local high school marching band.  What could possibly be better. How about candy!

As a kid I lived on the other side of town so we used to sit near the end of the parade route.  Now after living only 3 blocks from the starting line, I realized how much I missed out on the free candy.  The floats and parade groups have so much candy to give away at the begnining they are just shoveling it out to the kids.  As you can imagine by the end there is almost nothing left.  My daugther made it home with a full sack of goodies this year. Just crazy.


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