Lightroom 5 Facebook Export Presets

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Image of the Engadine Valley created with a lightroom 5 export preset


As a follow up to my previous post on Lightroom 5 export presets for images optimized for Instagram here is a set of presets to speed up your Facebook workflow.

Download the posted zip file to get access to six Lightroom 5 export presets specialized for Facebook.  The export presets are set to the correct sizes for several different types of images you may want to post on Facebook. You’ll find templates to help you out with the following image types (sizes in parenthesis):

  • Cover Photo (851 x 315)
  • Standard Image (1200 long edge )
  • Link Image (1200 x 672)
  • Milestone Highlight (1200 x 717)
  • Profile Photo (180 x 180)
  • Tab Photo ( 111 x 74)

Download Lightroom 5 Facebook Image Export Presets

Additional Resources

If you need some guidance on how to install the export presets check out the instructions included in my earlier post.

If you are looking for other Lightroom export presets for social media sharing check out of a few of my other free downloads.

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