Lightroom Twitter Export Presets

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Swiss Mountains

Swiss Mountains

Here is another set of free Adobe Lightroom 5 export presets I put together to help you manage your twitter image workflow.  Each of the included Lightroom Twitter export presets will automatically size your exported images to fit to the current standard twitter sizes.

Within the free download below you’ll find presets to help you with the following:

  • Twitter posted image
  • Twitter header images
  • Twitter profile  picture

The presets will size your photos for optimal usage.  One word of advice,  Twitter prefers a 2:1 crop for images in the feed.  Be sure to crop your photo to a 2:1 crop factor before exporting the file with my free preset.

Download Free Lightroom 5 Twitter Export Presets

Once you have downloaded the Lightroom Twitter export presets, extract the files from the zip file and import the presets from your export dialog box.  Use the following steps to help you import the presets

  1. Extract the Lightroom Twitter export preset templates from the zip file
  2. Open Adobe Lightroom 5
  3. Select Export from the File menu to open the export dialog bog
  4. In the preset window, right click on the User Presets header and selct Import
  5. From the open file dialog box navigate to one of the preset files you extracted in step 1, select the file and click the open button
  6. You’re ready to use your new export preset

Additional Resources

If you are looking for other free social media export presets for lightroom room check out my other freebies below.

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