Lightroom 6 Instagram Export Presets

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Lightroom to Instagram

With the release of Adobe Lightroom 6 in April of 2015 it is time to provide an updated set of free Lightroom 6 export presets for Instagram. These presets are great for any photographer working primarily on a desktop environment and looking to transfer images from a PC or Mac to Instagram.

Included in the free download is a preset configured to constrain the long edge of your image to the currently recommended 1080px size for Instagram.   Assuming your going for the square crop don’t forget to use a 1×1 crop ratio on your images before running the export to get the most of my Instagram export preset.

Once you have downloaded the presets, extract the files from the zip file and import the presets from your export dialog box.  Use the following steps to get the export presets installed:

  1. Extract the Lightroom export preset templates from the zip file
  2. Open Adobe Lightroom 6
  3. Select Export from the File menu to open the export dialog bog
  4. In the preset window, right click on the User Presets header and select Import from the menu (see the screen shot below)
  5. From the open file dialog box navigate to one of the preset files you extracted in step 1, select the file and click the open button
  6. You’re ready to use your new export preset

Import presets into LR6

Since I am giving these presets away for free,  I would ask for one  favor from one photographer to another.  If you do find the presets useful please follow me on instagram @usalpblaser.  Feel freel leave a comment on one of my photos as well.  I would love to hear from you.

Legacy Low Resolution Mobile and Desktop Preset

If you are looking for my legacy presets that were good priot to the Julz 2015 Instagram resolution improvement check my legacy Instagram Lightroom 6 Export Preset (low res 612px export) This package of two presents includes one preset for the higher res desktop feed, and slightly lower res presets for the legacy mobile app.

Related Resources

If you’d like some more tips on using Adobe Lightroom in your Instagram workflow check out my previous post on an Instagram workflow for DSLR photographers.  You’ll find some great tips here on using Airdroid to get our images over to our Android device for posting to Instagram.

If you are looking for other Lightroom export presets for social media sharing check out of a few of my other free downloads.

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  1. Logan June 29, 2015 at 4:51 pm #

    Do you have a preset for Mac or only windows? Also when you are setting the crop factor in LR6 what are you setting the resolution at for exporting from LR6 to Instagram mobile. I’m trying to upload my work from my 5D Mark III to Instagram.


  2. jt November 22, 2015 at 6:03 am #

    Is 72ppi legit the best export quality? Seems incredibly low, esp when the res for the new smartphones is bordering on retina display and some even 4k like the new Sony. Does your export preset need an update?

    • Brian Opyd November 22, 2015 at 7:34 pm #

      Hi JT, the latest information I have on Instagram is that the app istself supports 1080px by 1080px as of July 2015. This means loading anything larger (i.e.) a 2048px x 2048px, or a super high ppi will just be resized and optimized by Instagram. You’ll notice the preset has setting for the long edge of you image be be capped at 1080px so regardless of the device (i.e. retina) you are going to going to provide Instagram with the most pixels they will support. In this case the PPI isn’t as important because the app won’t render any more than 1080 pixels wide on your tablet/phone. My guess is this limit was placed as a trade off between image quality and the fact that a lot of folks will be downloading images of a 4G/3G network. Smaller files will mean faster downloads. Hope this sheds some light on the settings I have choosen to include.

  3. Kate Fox February 24, 2016 at 12:34 am #

    Thanks Brian these are super time-savers! Have you tried using younity to post to IG? I just found it a few months ago and I’m really happy with it. It gives you access to your entire LR catalog, with IG sharing built-in so you can go from export to posting to Instagram in less time than having to email yourself or upload to dropbox.

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