Making Maple Syrup At Fullersburg Woods

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This weekend was the annual Maple Syrup weekend at Fullersburg Woods in Du Page county.  It was a great chance to take my 4 year old to see how maple syrup is made.  I remember going on the tour with my parents.  I guess that was probably about 30 years ago.   I don’t remember it being too much different from when I went last time.  The only change to the program seemed to be the addtion of ice cream!  I don’t remember having a chance to taste the homemade syrup over ice cream before. Delicious, and something I’ll surely be doing at home.

Fullersburg Woods Maple Syrup

A special thanks to Dave for the private tour. With the rain we were the only family in his group.  Dave was nice enough to let me take a couple of photos of him quietly stirring the pot between groups.  Dave was telling us that the syrup made at Fullersburg usually cooks for about 12 hours over an open wood fire.  While most maple syrup is made over a propane flame the wood fire gives the final syrup a distintive smokey flavor. It is an absolutely wonderful taste.  I just wish I could find something similar on the store shelf. I would definately be willing to pay a premium price.

Unfortunately you can’t buy any of the syrup made by the forest preserver crew.  They only make enough for the tours and school programs.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait until next year for another chance to sample their fine maple syrup.

About the Spherical Photograph

For those interested in the photography side, I took this great 360 degree spherical panorama using my Nodal Ninja 5 and a Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens.  I took 4 images to cover all 360 degrees, and one extra nadir shot to allow me to patch the floor.

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