New Creative Outlet, Stainedglass

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Stained Glass Hammer and piece


I hate to admit me, but I had been losing my creative juices over the last couple of months.  Somehow I just haven’t been feeling inspired to pick up my camera.  This isn’t the first time I’ve felt that way.  In the past, I have had periods where I go a couple of months without taking a single photograph.  Luckily I seemed to have found another creative outlet to keep me going.

Stained Glass Work

Earlier this year I was inspired to pick up a new hobby after an old stained glass window in my home was destroyed. After the damage was done I called a few places to get a quote to get the window replaced and the quotes I was getting back were crazy expensive.   I had a problem.  The broken window was one in a set of 6 and I couldn’t have just one missing.

I bit the bullet had paid for a replacement but I vowed I would learn the art of stained glass window making.

Raiding My Fathers Workshop

When I was a kid my father took a stained glass making class at the local high school.  It was an adult education course taught one evening a week. I remember at the time thinking he was nuts, but I guess I’m thanking him now. You see, my father never did anything on the cheap. He always went all in. When it was my time to learn the first thing I did was go to my parent’s house and see what he had available.

Goldmine of Glass Cutting Tools

What I found did not disappoint.  In my father’s old workshop I found a treasure trove of glass cutting tools, templates, and a Morton glass cutting system. He probably spent a fortune at the time.  And the final result was a single stained glass panel.

The good news was that I had everything I needed to enroll in the same class my father had taken 20 years before.  So let it be known, I signed up and I completed the course.

Yes, You can Buy My Stuff on Etsy

Since I have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit in me, I thought it would be good to take my new found creative skill and put it to use. The obvious next step was to try out Etsy and see if I could sell something.

I set up an Etsy store just before Christmas and you know what?  I actually sold a stained glass ornament!  I would have never thought I would have done that.

So if you’re interested in my newest hobby, check out my stained glass work at  If you like the stuff, feel free to click through to my Etsy store as well.

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