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La Grange Theater at Night

I live a few short blocks from a bustling small town main street.  With all the resturants, a theater, and an outdoor plaza with a fountain there is a lot more going on than one would imagine.  I have such great access to pratice street photography if only I would pick up my camera and look in my own backyard once in a while.

I’ve been trying to frame a shot of the local theater for a while and I just haven’t been able to get a composition that I thought captured the charm of our small town theater.  It’s been driving me nuts.  I think my problem is I love to shoot with a wide lens and sometimes I forget there are other options. After reading a good post over on David DuChemin’s blog about getting tight with a longer lens to isolate your subject I thought I would leave the wide angle lens at home one night and shoot a little longer.

The 105mm Canon seemed to do the trick for me.  By shooting long and timing for the traffic I shot the theater from across the street.  By cropping tight I was able to remove the distractions of too many people and too many cars.  The final result is our small theater with two girls out front waiting for their friends. Finally after several months of trying to find the image, I got it.

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