Nightfall: 12 Hour Time-Lapse of the Baden Clock Tower

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Here is a recent weekend project of the clock tower in Baden, Switzerland. I started off with the intention of just shooting a couple of hours of images just prior to sunset, then I noticed as I was getting ready to shut down the camera a full moon had wandered into my viewfinder. It looked like something cool could be in the making so I quickly checked the weather and my batteries and decided to leave the camera out all night.

I am really starting to get into time-lapse and just started also experimenting a bit more with hyper-lapse. I need a bit more time with the hyper-lapse before I am ready to share some work, but that should not be too far off.

The time-lapse was shoot at ISO 100, with images taken every 15 seconds.  Post processing and video compilation was done in Lightroom 5, and LRTimelapse3.

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