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Photography Project to Capture Family Heirlooms Through a Viewfinder Camera

  This project evolved from a thought to document a few family heirlooms through the lens of a Kodak Duaflex IV camera I had recently picked up at a local antique mall. The concept was inspired by […]

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Adjusting Saturation and Shadows: Before and After

Some times just a few minor tweaks to a raw image are all that are needed to make an image come to life.  This image is a perfect example.  With just a few tweaks in […]

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Thinking of Warmer Weather

  It is so cold. I can’t believe it.  When was the last time I had a stretch of weather below zero degrees, and I’m talking farenheit here.  Oh yeah, that was last Christmas when […]

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10 Stop ND Filter: Maggia River

This image was a bear to capture.  It was one of about 30 frames I grabbed trying to capture a vision I had in my head, but not having the proper gear with me.  So […]

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and Lessons on Composition

  I am stilling reeling in my international relocation process. Somehow there are still boxes everywhere and with the the U.S. holidays, just getting through Thanksgiving was a challenge.  Unfortunately my photography has taken a […]

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Moving House, Protect your Data and your Digital Photos First

I’d like to follow up on my data backup theme this month and this time talk about an upcoming move.  Moving house is always stressful, but remember moving house is not just about protecting your […]

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Lake Champfer, Switzerland

Today I am posting an image I have been working recently from a trip to the Swiss Alps.  Sadly, this trip may be one of my last for a while as we are moving back […]

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Crashplan Review for Backup of Photographs

When I first started in digitial photography back around 2002, ensuring that my photos were safe was more of a practice of faith.  Once in awhile I would pray to the hard drive gods for […]

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Rhätische Bahn Hike in Switzerland

  Last week I took a great hike from Ospizio Bernina along the Lago Bianco to Alp Grüm.  I walked past this bend in the railroad at the perfect time as the classic red Swiss Rhätische Bahn […]

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Photographs Featured in CNN’s Insider Guide to Zurich

Today CNN published it’s Insider’s Guide for Zurich.  I am excited to have a couple of my photographs featured in the article.  I was lucky enough to know the writer of course, and she needed […]

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