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Photography Project to Capture Family Heirlooms Through a Viewfinder Camera

  This project evolved from a thought to document a few family heirlooms through the lens of a Kodak Duaflex IV camera I had recently picked up at a local antique mall. The concept was inspired by […]

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Photographs Featured in CNN’s Insider Guide to Zurich

Today CNN published it’s Insider’s Guide for Zurich.  I am excited to have a couple of my photographs featured in the article.  I was lucky enough to know the writer of course, and she needed […]

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If you Bring Your Photography Gear, Use It!

I made a trip to Schaffhausen, Switzerland today to catpure some travel photos for some future online articles.  I want to build up a nice set of stock images for Switzerland for myself in case […]

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Working on a Travel Piece

  Yesterday I spent the day in and around Zurich capturing some images for an upcoming travel feature for a photography project I am working on.  I’ll share more about the article once it is […]

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Creating Your Own Photography Project

  I like to have a focus in my photography.  Without some purpose or reason to shoot I find I can lose my creative interest and produce lack luster images.  When I start getting into […]

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Lensbaby Photo Walk in Baden

  I found an excuse to dust off my old Canon 40D.  With a bit of rain in the forecast I didn’t want to take out my good camera but I wanted an excuse to […]

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Printing Your Digital Photographs To Decorate Your Home

As a photographer I feel like I spend too much time enjoying my work on a screen.  What ever happened to viewing your work on a wall, printed, in a physical form. I’ll go out […]

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Photography Project: Architecture of Baden’s Doors

Architecture has been on the top of my creative list lately.  Doors seem to have caught my eye, and over the past few months I have been capturing the most intriguing doors from my travels. […]

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Photography Project: Doors

Sometimes photography projects just take a long time to complete.  Other times they just pull themselves together quickly.  A few years back I did a series on windows.  It took me a couple of years […]

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In The Woods Again

I have been continuing my work on my bunker project.  Last weekend I did a scouting mission around some of the local forests and found about 4 or 5 more bunkers.  I was making good […]

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