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Timelapse of Evening Traffic in Baden, Switzerland.

I was reading an article about timelapse photography and came across on thought on composition that said if the composition makes a good still image, it has a good chance of making a good timelapse. […]

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Baden Train Station, Track 2 Timelapse

Tonight I was working on piecing together and editing some recent images for my short timelapse film of Baden. This segment is one of the first test shots of the train station in Baden Switzerland. […]

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Working on a Timelapse Short Film of Baden, Switzerland

  Yesterday afternoon was a great day to spend around Baden capturing some image sequences for an time-lapse project I am working on.  I am planning to produce a short film of both traditional time-lapse […]

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Nightfall: 12 Hour Time-Lapse of the Baden Clock Tower

Here is a recent weekend project of the clock tower in Baden, Switzerland. I started off with the intention of just shooting a couple of hours of images just prior to sunset, then I noticed […]

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Time-lapse: Time To Invest in a 10 Stop ND Filter

I’ve been reading some more on time-lapse photography lately after playing with the trial version of LRTimelapse3. I was reading through Gunther Wegner’s e-book on timelapse and he was mentioning a good 10 stop filter […]

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