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Tips for taking Photos of Fireworks

With the 4th of July just around the corner its a good time to prepare for your weekend BBQ.  It’s also a great time to read up on how to take some stellar photos of […]

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Tips for Photographing That Small Town Parade

    It’s the season for small town parades.  With the Fourth of July just around the corner marching bands and VFW honor guards will be marching down Main Street America showcasing local pride.  If […]

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Keyboard Shortcut for Changing Lightroom 5 Crop Orientation

A quick tip today on changing Lightroom crop orientation.  Sometimes when I am in the develop module I find myself wanting to quickly change my 2×3 crop from landscape to portrait orientation.  The best way […]

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5 Tips to Improve Your Photography

While I could make a list of a million ideas I’ll stick to 5 tips for beginners looking to improve there photography

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10 Travel Photography Tips from A Trip China

Two and and a half weeks in China is enough time to eat a years worth of rice for a Westerner.  That is how I was feeling after returning home from my recent trip.  Before […]

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