Timelapse of Evening Traffic in Baden, Switzerland.

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I was reading an article about timelapse photography and came across on thought on composition that said if the composition makes a good still image, it has a good chance of making a good timelapse. Of course to have a good timelapse you have to have something moving in the frame as well. This thought is what led me to the first shot in the Night Drive video I’ve posted here.

I got the idea for the first clip as I was sitting in my living room looking at a nice large print of almost the identical scene I had shot about 3 years ago. As I was sitting there my wife commented something about how that same view would make an interesting perspective for a timelapse, and gosh darn it she was right.

So here it is, a short clip of Baden Switzerland seen from the Castle just above the town. If you’d like to see other timelapse films check out my other posts below:

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