VR Pano Setup Checklist, Making Sure You Get the Best Shot

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Today I was working on a project for the La Grange Area Historical Society.  I spent the morning setting up my tripod and VR head.  As I was running through my  setup routine I thought I might share out my checklist that saves me time and frustration in the field.

VR Pano Head and Lens Setup Check List

When I am setting up a new lens to use with my Nodal Ninja VR tripod head I go through a short checklist to be sure everything is going to work in the field.  For the next time you are setting up your own head here is my check list:

  1. Select your tripod and VR head and assemble
  2. Pick your lens for the day
  3. Attach lens and camera to the VR head
  4. Level the tripod head
  5. Set No-Parallax point
  6. Confirm required VR shooting pattern (number of images needed)
  7. Connect shutter release
  8. Shoot one full VR test pattern in my office
  9. Download files to my computer
  10. Build a spherical panorama using a tool like AutoPano
  11. Test the spherical panorama in a VR viewer like Pano2VR

After running through this complete process I can always be sure that my setup is ready. This routine gives me the confidence that when I get back to my office the pictures I took will produce a solid VR Panorama.

Scouting Sites for VR Panoramas

Althought the weather wasn’t that great today it was a good day to take my gear out and see how it would work around town.  I made about 5 or 6 stops on a quick tour to take a series of test shots.  Stitching together the results would give me an idea of what I will be able to capture once the spring colors hit in a few weeks.

The image I am showing here is the house at 300 S. La Grange Road in La Grange. This house is featured on the La Grange Centential Quilt that was recently restored and hung for public viewing.

I think my scouting trip today will pay off in a couple of weeks. Now it’s just a waiting game to get the right weather and spring flowers.



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