Working on a Travel Piece

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Hotel Zum Storchen in Zurich, Switzerland


Yesterday I spent the day in and around Zurich capturing some images for an upcoming travel feature for a photography project I am working on.  I’ll share more about the article once it is published.  It was a busy day and I was battling all sort of light.  In-door low light, outside noon light, deep shawdows and bright highlights in the small alleys of Zurich’s Niederdorf area.  These are the challenges you face when you have a limited time to capture your shots as you are working.

Keeping in mind its an editorial piece I also wan to be true to the situation and limit post production to exposure and a few other very minor color adjustments.  Cloning and stamping just won’t be acceptable in this case.

Timing was on my side outside Zurich’s Hotel zum Storchen.  Right at the appointed hour one of the river taxis pulled up to add a nice dynamic element to the frame.  I couldn’t have been happier.  As Bob Ross would say, a nice little Happy Accident.

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