Writing Good Captions for Instagram

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A Swiss Mountain Pass High in the Alps cropped for InstagramIf you are striving to increase your following on Instagram great photos are key.  The second most important point is to make sure you are writing good captions.

What Makes up a Good Caption

Writing good captions for Instagram posts will attract likes and comments.  Good captions contain a few key elements.

    A Good Story
    A Geographic Location
    Related Hashtags

A Good Story

The true art to a good caption is to tell a compeling story in  a few short sentences.  Adding emotional context to your photo with your words can instantly engage viewers.  If you looking for a place to start, think about what emotion may have inspired you to take the photo in the first place.  That might be exactly what you can write about.

Shorter is better.  Keep it informative but consice.  Think like a copywriter.  Your words should show and not necessarily tell the reader what is going on.  If you don’t think you don’t need a word, cut it.

Geographic Location

Mentioning a geographic location, or tagging a city in you caption is a great why to attract Instagrammers that might be looking for content from a particular area.

Use specific proper city names as an example.  At the same time you might also want to pepper in some slang or nicknames.  Slang names are often great for use as a hashtag.  As an example when I am posting photos from Chicago I’ll often include #ChiTown or #WindyCity because I know the locals are using those tags.

Using Related Hashtags

Sneaking a couple of hastags into your post is a greate way to drum up likes.  Make sure to use them sparringly.  A list of 20 hashtags in a row often leaves people wondering what is going on and it looks like you are just stuffing the ballot box.

Try to keep it to 5 or less hashtags in your caption.  I also #suggest that you weave your #hastags into the sentences in a readabile format. this can make them less obstructive to the reader.

If you find you absolutely need to add another hashtag to you caption consider adding a comment to you own post with a couple of hashtags. That will leave the initial caption clean and easy to read. You’ll find some more hashtag tips here.

So there you have it a couple of quick tips to writing great, attention grabbing captions for your instagram posts.

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    That’s interesting but as we can see Instagram had released lot of more interactive ways to attract your visitors through Captions.

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